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Continuous Process Quick Start Guide
Communicating with external applications and devices
• Data Import Export block—transfer data during or after a run from an internal source (ExtendSim database or global array) to an external target (Excel, ODBC database, FTP file, text file, ADO database).
• Write block, discussed above.
• Database>ExportDatabasecommand—exportanExtendSimdatabaseasatextfileso it can be used in another model or can be imported into Excel using the ExtendSim DB Add-In for Excel (optional add-on for ExtendSim CP). To export specific tables, see the Database > Export Selected Tables command.
• UsetheScenarioManager(optionalValuelibraryadd-onforExtendSimCP)toexportdata to Excel, Minitab, or JMP for design of experiments. See page 48.
Communicating with external applications and devices
Methods and technologies for data sharing, communication, and control between ExtendSim and external applications and equipment.
Some functionality is Windows only
• Pre-builtblocksintheValuelibrary:
• Data Import Export block—exchange data between ExtendSim (internal database or global array) and outside applications and files (Excel, ODBC database, FTP file, text file, ADO databases such as Microsoft Access, SQL Server, and MySQL) at the start, during, or end of a run
• ReadandWriteblocks—exchangedatabetweenanExtendSimdatabase,Excelwork- book, global array, text file, or local table at the start, during, or end of a run
• Equation block—see the User Reference.
• ScenarioManagerblock(optionaladd-onforExtendSimCP)—exportscenarioresults to Excel, JMP, or Minitab for further analysis. Mentioned on page 48.
• Random Number block—use this block to communicate with JMP, BestFit, ExpertFit, and Stat::Fit to determine the appropriate distribution to use given the raw data
• QueryEquationblockseetheseparatedocument,ExtendSimDatabaseTutorial&Ref- erence.
• ExtendSim DB Add-In for Excel (Windows only; optional add-on for ExtendSim CP) • Create, edit, and export files between Excel and the ExtendSim internal database • Can also use Excel as the master for documenting the data and database structure • Seetheseparatedocument,ExtendSimDatabaseTutorial&Reference
• ADO (ActiveX Data Objects) for databases (Windows only)
• CommunicatebetweenExtendSimandexternaldatabases—MicrosoftAccess,SQL Server, and MySQL—using the Data Import Export block (Value library)
• Forprogrammaticcontrol,theincludefile“ADO_DBFunctions.h”storesuser-defined functions for ADO
• SeetheTechnicalReference,User-definedfunctionsforADO

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