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The Big Picture 51
Communicating with external applications and devices
• ExtendSim COM Object Model
• PrimarymethodforExtendSimtobecontrolledandcommunicatedwithasanAutoma- tion Server
• Allows external languages to control ExtendSim in many ways, as discussed in “Scripting functions” on page 51
• SeetheTechnicalReference,ExtendSimasanAutomationServer • ActiveX Automation
• PrimarymethodforExtendSimtoserveasanAutomationClient
• Accessandmanipulate(setpropertiesoforcallmethodson)automationobjectsthat have been developed in and exported by other applications
• SeetheObjectMapperblock(Utilitieslibrary)
• SeetheTechnicalReference,ExtendSimOLE/COMfunctionsandthesectiononOLE and ActiveX Automation
• DLLfunctions
• Providecustomoperationsfromwithinablock’scodebycallingDynamicLinkLibrar- ies (DLLs) of routines or functions written in an external language
• Primary method for ExtendSim to communicate with DLLs created by other applica- tions or by equipment
• SeetheTechnicalReference • Scripting functions
• Automate the process of building or making changes to models, either from within ExtendSim or by external applications
• Create custom wizards to simplify tasks or interact with modelers; develop self-modi- fying models
• SeetheTechnicalReference,ScriptingfunctionsandScriptingtechniques • Internet access
• AccessandmanipulatedataandfilesusingInternetprotocols
• SeetheFTPblock(ModLTipslibrary)orprogramusingfunctions • SeetheTechnicalReference,Internetaccess
• Mailslotfunctions(Windowsonly)
• Communicate and control other computers in a network domain using this messaging functionality supported by the Windows API
• Send unidirectional messages from a given machine to a specified mailslot on other machines
• SeetheTechnicalReference,Mailslot • See also:
• Commandblock(Valuelibrary)
• ActiveXControl,DLLAddBlock,FTP,ODBC,andReadDeviceblocksintheModL Tips library located at Documents/ExtendSim/Libraries/Example Libraries.

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