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• Processing, travel, and transportation
• Batching and unbatching groups of items • Resources and shifts
• Activity-basedcosting
• Statistics
• Tips,techniques,andinformationaboutthediscreteeventarchitecture
What the Introduction to the Discrete Event module covers
• Simulating discrete event systems
• Discrete event blocks
• Conventions and terminology for discrete event modeling in ExtendSim:
• Overview and layout of a discrete event model
• The Executive block
• Items and informational values
• Properties of items, such as attributes and priorities • Events
• Activities
• Resources
• Block connectors
• Closedandopensystems
• Typesofitemhandlingblocks
• Application areas in which discrete event modeling is commonly used
☞ For detailed information about discrete event modeling in general, including how it differs from continuous and discrete rate modeling, see “Modeling methodologies” on page 45.
Discrete event systems and processes
Most systems are composed of real-world elements and resources that interact when specific events occur. The Item library simulates those systems using blocks that mimic industrial and commercial operations and timing that represents the actual occurrence of events. Use blocks from this library to create simulations of business operations, manufacturing processes, net- works, service industry flows, information processing, material handling, transportation sys- tems, and so forth.
Discrete event systems have several things in common:
• Theyinvolveacombinationofelementssuchaspeople,procedures,materials,equipment, information, space, and energy (called items in ExtendSim) together with system resources such as equipment, tools, and personnel.
• Each process is a series of logically related activities undertaken to achieve a specified out- come, typically either a product or a service. Activities have a duration and usually involve the use of process elements and resources.
Introduction 99
Discrete event systems and processes
Discrete Event

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