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Other item properties
In addition to the item properties discussed above, such as the item quantity or user-defined attributes, ExtendSim can assign properties to items. As shown in the property popup menu below, these system properties are preceded by the “_” character and include:
• _Itemindex.ThispropertyisavailableintheGet,Equa- tion(I), and History blocks and points to where the item is located in the item arrays stored in the Executive block. It is used by block developers for debugging.
• _AROrderID.Thispropertyisonlyavailableifthemodel contains a Resource Manager block. It refers to the resource order an item is associated with. The value of this property is the record index in the Resource Orders table of the item's resource order.
• _3DobjectID.Whenyouselecta3Danimationobjectto represent an item, this property stores the index of the
object. History block Properties menu
• _Cost or _Rate. If there is an entry for cost somewhere in
the model, ExtendSim will add the _Cost and _Rate attributes to property popup menus. For more information, see “Working with cost data” on page 287 and “Combining multiple cost accumulators” on page 292.
• _Resource Order ID. This item property is only available in the Queue and Queue Equation blocks (Item library) if Store Resource Order ID in attribute is checked and the blocks are part of the Advanced Resource Management system. The property is the value of a record index in the Resource Orders table of the Advanced Resources database. The record rep- resents the last requested requirment that was assigned to an advanced resource item.
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Item properties
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