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150 Queueing
Matching items using the Queue Matching block
makes it equally as obvious that some customers have a much longer wait when the service level is maximized.
Maximize Service Level model
Combined rules
Because of its tie-breaking capabilities, the Queue Equation block can be used to model situa- tions where two items are considered equal using the primary sorting rule but a secondary rule is used to determine the item with the higher priority.
Combined Rule model
The Combined Rule model uses the least dynamic slack as the primary rule. However, if the least dynamic slack is within 2 time units, the rank (order of the items in the queue) is used.
Combined Rule model
Matching items using the Queue Matching block
The Queue Matching block has a variable number of item connectors where each connector represents a separate internal queue. Within each queue, the block sorts items into different groups based on each item's match attribute value. Items are released from a group only when the required number of items are present in each group in each queue.
Discrete Event

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