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Initializing and Viewing model
The Initializing and Viewing example uses the Options tab of a Queue Tools block to introduce items into a Queue block at the start of the simulation. A clone of the block’s View tab has been placed on the model worksheet.
Initializing and Viewing model
In this model, ten items are added to the queue at time 0. As seen in the Properties table in the Queue Tools’s Options tab, these initial items have their item priority set to 1, their item quan- tity set to 1, their Type attribute set to 1, and their Arrival attribute set to 0. The tab also indi- cates that those items are represented by a cyan circle for animation. After the initial 10 items, items from the four processes are animated as circles with the same color as the arrows.
Animating queue contents
By default, the number of items in a Queue block are displayed on its icon. However, a more detailed animation showing an animation picture for each item can be obtained by putting the Queue inside a hierarchical block and animating the hierarchical block's icon. To add this type of animation to a model:
Encapsulate a Queue inside a hierarchical block (right-click the Queue block and select Make Hierarchical.)
Open the hierarchical block's structure (right-click the hierarchical block and select Open Structure) and add a number of identically sized animation objects from the icon tools in the toolbar.
On the Item Animation tab of the Queue block, enter the first and last animation object numbers in the Animate H-block objects fields.
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Animating queue contents
Discrete Event

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