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154 Queueing
Animating queue contents
Animating Queue Contents model
This example model animates a priority queue. There are four possible priorities, as indicated by the colored arrows on the left. Green circles represent items with a priority of 1, yellow cir- cles indicate an item has a priority of 2, and so forth.
Animating Queue Contents model
Items with a lower number for their priority (a higher priority) will move to the front of the queue. The animation shows this happening as new items with lower priorities will pass other items.
In this model, there are four rows and six animation objects per row on the icon of the hierar- chical block to the right of the arrows. The Item Animation tab of the Queue block inside that hierarchical block is set to Animate H-block objects: 1 to 24. This causes all 24 objects on the hierarchical block’s icon to be animated, based on what is happening in the Queue.
For more detailed information about animating hierarchical blocks, see “Animating a hierar- chical block’s icon” on page 633.
Discrete Event

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