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Routing 161
Items going to several paths
hierarchical block containing two blocks, a Catch Item and an Exit. The Catch Item block is labeled To Shipping and is designated as belonging to Catch group 1.
Throw & Catch model
A popup menu in the Throw Item
block’s dialog displays the labels of
the possible Catch Item blocks.
You have the option of routing all
items to the Catch Item block spec-
ified in the popup menu (as shown to the right) or routing items to different Catch Item blocks depending on the value of a specified attribute or priority (see “Throw and Catch Attributes model” on page 169).
☞ You must enter text in the label field at the lower left corner of each Catch Item block’s dialog. Only labeled Catch Item blocks will appear in a Throw Item block’s popup menu.
Catch Item groups
If you are working with a large num-
ber of Catch Item blocks, you may
want to organize them into groups. To
do this, select or create a group name
using the Catch Item group popup
menu in the Catch Item block, shown at right. Then use the Catch Item group popup menu in a Throw Item block to select the desired group. Once a group is selected in the Throw Item block, the block’s Specify Catch Item by: Label popup menu will only contain the labels for the Catch Item blocks in the selected group.
☞ Groups can only be defined in a Catch Item block. Items going to several paths
In many cases, you will need to route items from one stream to one of many different streams:
• Taking a stream of items and routing them to different activities or operations is called par- allel processing. In parallel processing, each item is handed off to one of several activities, such as an Activity block. The logic that determines which operation the item is routed to can be simple (the part is machined at the first available station) or it can be complex (bottle
Selecting Catch Item block labeled “To Shipping”
Catch Item group popup menu
Discrete Event

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