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168 Routing
Items going to several paths
Explicit Ordering model
For example, assume you want Machines 1 and 3 to get most of the items for processing, and Machine 2 to only get items if Machine 1 and 3 are busy. The model is:
Explicit Ordering model
The dialog of the Select Item Out block is set to Select output based on: connector priority. In the table, the highest priorities (which are the lowest numbers) are assigned to the top and bottom outputs, and the next lowest priority is assigned to the middle output. In this case, Activity 1 has first priority on items. If Activity 1 is busy, Activity 3 will get the item. Only if Activity 1 and 3 are busy will Activity 2 get the item.
☞ As seen in this model, multiple outputs can have the same priority. However, the item will go to the topmost output that has the highest priority and is free. If that output is not free, the next lower output with the same priority will be checked to see if it is free, and so forth. If this is not what you want, set the priority values explicitly. For instance, you could set the output priori- ties to 1, 2, and 3 rather than to 1, 2, and 1 as was done in the example model.
Routing decisions based on Item properties
You may want to route items based on some characteristic of the item, such as its priority, size, quality, age, or state. To do this, assign an attribute or priority to the item and read that property value to route the item.
Discrete Event

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