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202 Processing
Transportation and material handling
From location options
• Previous non-passing block (the default)
• EnteredXandYlocation
• Block location
• Enclosing hierarchical block
• Previous block
(See explanations following the To location options.)
To location options
• Next non-passing block (the default)
• EnteredXandYlocation
• Block location
• Enclosinghierarchicalblockfornextblock
• Next block
Note: In the Item library non-passing blocks are either residence or decision types of blocks, as described in “Types of item handling blocks” on page 104. If Entered X and Y location is selected, the numbers can either be entered in the dialog or defined by the loca- tion of block in the model; remember that the 3D coordinates are expressed in meters. The block location option means the current block; this choice is especially helpful when the from location is a previous block (non-passing or not).
☞ If the selected from and/or to locations are blocks, the distance starts at the from block’s out- put connector and ends at the to block’s input connector.
Calculate distance options
The popup menu provides two methods for calculating the distance from the start to the end of the path:
• Alongtheconnectionsbetweenthefromandthetolocations • Inastraightlinebetweenthefromandthetolocations
More options are available if the E3D window is open and
you have created custom paths for 3D animation. In this case,
the paths will appear at the bottom of the popup menu as
shown. The block’s Transport Animation tab has a button,
shown at right, that will calculate the length of the currently selected custom 3D path. It then puts that length into the distance parameter field on the block’s Behavior tab.
Notice that the shape of the conveyor will not visually change with these choices, but the infor- mation is included in the calculation of the conveyor’s length. For instance, if there is a series of right-angle connections between the from and the to locations, the conveyor’s length will be longer than if the straight line option had been selected.
Distance ratio option
This popup menu is for specifying the ratio between pixels in the 2D model and meters in the E3D window. It will control how the distances defined in the Behavior tab affect 2D or 3D ani- mation. The choices are:
Button on Transport Animation tab
Discrete Event

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