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Processing 205
Transportation and material handling
will change the length of the conveyor. This is because the Next non-passing block is now further away from the Previous non-passing block.
☞ For information about how these blocks are used for 3D animation, see “Adding 3D behavior to an existing model” on page 478 and “Animating a bank line” on page 488.
Transportation models
The following models use Convey Item, Resource Item, and Transport blocks to simulate item movement along fixed paths and material handling using AGVs.
Transportation 1 model
To model vehicles such as AGVs in ExtendSim, use a Resource Item block to provide items that represent the vehicles, a Batch block to attach the vehicle with whatever it is transporting, one or more Transport blocks to provide the transportation delay, and an Unbatch block to sep- arate the vehicle from its load at the end of the route.
Transportation 1 model
The Transportation 1 model shows how two parts are assembled, inserted into a computer, then moved to a loading dock. Part A is moved by a Convey Item block to the assembly machine while Part B is moved there by a Transport block. The two parts are joined by a Batch block for processing. After assembly, they move by a Transport block to the machine that will put them into the computer. Since the computer is heavy, it is moved to the final assembly machine by a Transport block that represents a small crane.
To simulate movement, AGVs from a Resource Item block are batched to the parts/items and then moved via the Transport block. If the AGV is released at the end of each route, as it is in the model above, the part is left behind where it can then be processed before moving on to another section of the model. To model a situation where the Resource Item transports the item to an activity, then waits there to continue transporting the item again, don’t release the Resource Item until the last stop in the route.
Discrete Event

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