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214 Batching and Unbatching
Property options
A table in the Batch block’s Properties tab allows you to define what happens to item attri- butes and priorities. The table’s first column lists every property for the items in the model. The second column, Action, gives potential options that can be taken for that property’s values. This allows you to select how proper- ties get transferred from the original items to the batched item.
The Properties tab for the Batch block in the Matching Items model looks like the screen- shot at right. It shows two user-defined attri- butes (Components and Serial Number) and the item properties _Animation and _Item Priority.
Attributes and priorities
Action options for properties
The options that can appear in the Action column for attributes and priorities are:
• Maximum. Sets the value of the property to the largest number found on any of the items that formed the batch.
• Minimum.Setsthevalueofthepropertytothesmallestnumberfoundonanyoftheitems that formed the batch.
• Average. Sets the value of the property to the average value of that property for all of the items that are part of this batch.
• Sum. Sets the value of the property to the sum of that property’s values for all of the items that are in this batch.
• FirstatconX(thedefault).Setsthevalueofthepropertytothevalueofthatpropertyofthe first item that entered on connector X. Con 1 is the topmost item connector.
• LastatconX.Setsthevalueofthepropertytothevalueofthatpropertyofthelastitemthat entered on connector X. Con 1 is the topmost item connector.
• CountatconX.Setsthevalueofthepropertytothenumberofitemsthatenteredonconnec- tor X. Con 1 is the topmost item connector.
Other item properties
An Item's quantity property (_Item quantity) determines its count toward the batch size. For example, if an item arrives with a quantity of 2 and two items are required at that input, then that input is full and no further items are required for that batch from that input. In most cases, the item quantity of the items going into the batch will be 1.
Some models have an animation attribute (_Animation) that stores the indexes of the 2D and 3Danimation pictures for the items moving through the model. Note that the animation attri- bute can only be set to First at con X or Last at con X.
Batch size attribute
By creating a new attribute or selecting an existing attribute for Store number of items in batch in attribute: in the Batch block’s Properties tab, an attribute can be set to the total num- ber of items in the batch as it is released.
Discrete Event

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