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You might not want to begin forming a batch until some or all of the items required for each part of the batch are available. This is most common when you do not want a resource item from the Resource Item block to flow into the Batch block until all the items requiring that resource are available. A good example is a manager who does not want to wait for everyone else to arrive at a meeting.
The Batch block’s Delay Kit feature restricts specified items from entering the block until all of the other input connectors have the items they need. Delay Kit is enabled through check- boxes in the fourth column of the table in the Batch dialog. Each item input for which Delay Kit is checked will have its items wait outside until all required items for the unselected inputs are in the block.
☞ Delay Kit is only available when the Batch block’s behavior is set to “Batch items into a single item.”
When the kitting starts
If the number of items required at a Delay Kit input is one, and all the other required items have been pulled into the block from their input connectors, the batched item will be created as soon as the Delay Kit item is available. If the number of items required at a Delay Kit input is greater than one, the block will start a kit as soon as all the other required items are available and there is at least one of the Delay Kit items available. This causes items with Delay Kit to be pulled into the block as they become available; the batched item will not be created until all the items with Delay Kit are available.
Batching and Unbatching 215
Delaying kits
Unbatching can be used to separate items that were previously batched or to duplicate items that have not been batched. Some examples of when you would use unbatch- ing are:
• Returning an item resource to the Resource Item block
• Ungroupingitemsthathadbeentempo- rarily grouped so that they could be pro- cessed at the same time
• Creating items based on a single “seed” item
• Creating a logical item to trigger some action in the model while allowing an item that represents the physical part to continue processing
Unbatch dialog
If items were previously batched with Preserve uniqueness enabled in the Batch block’s Options tab, the Unbatch block can be used to restore the items that formed the batch with their original properties. This is accomplished if Preserve uniqueness is also checked in the Unbatch block’s dialog. For information about this feature, see “Preserving the items used to create a batch” on page 219.
Discrete Event

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