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Batching and Unbatching
Be careful when using any property-setting blocks in the path between a Batch and an Unbatch block. Those property modifications could be lost, depending on selections in the Unbatch block’s Properties tab, as discussed on page 218.
The top section of the Unbatch tab in the Unbatch block has two options that determine how the block behaves when costing is involved. Each option causes the block to output a number of items, specified in the dialog, for each item that is input. The options are:
• Createmultipleitems.Thisisthedefaultchoice.Ifthemodelhascosting,costingattribute values are distributed to the output items as specified by settings in the table in the Unbatch block’s Properties tab. The section “Simple unbatching” on page 217 shows how to use the block to separate batched items.
• Release cost resources. Resources can have a cost associated with them. If an item is batched with a resource, cost information is maintained with it. If the model has costing and the Release cost resources option is selected, the block releases the resources out of the same connector that they were originally batched and updates costing information for the items accordingly. For more information, see“Combining resources with cost accumulators” on page 290.
☞ The Unbatch block will not behave differently when either of these two options are selected unless the model calculates costs.
The Unbatch tab also has a table for specifying the number of items that will be sent through each output connector. The first column displays which blocks the Batch’s output connectors are connected to. The Quantity column is for entering the number of items that will be output for each input item the Batch block gets, while the next column displays the number of items present.
When preserving items that have been batched or when releasing cost resources, it is important to physically match where items enter a Batch block with where they leave an Unbatch block. For instance, items that arrived to the Batch block on the top input should be released from the top output of an Unbatch block.
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