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Simple unbatching
The Batching and Unbatching model is an extension of the example “Simple batching” on page 210, with the addition of laborers and unbatching. Since there is no costing in this model, the Unbatch dialog is set to Create multiple items (the default option).
Batching and Unbatching model
In this model, the packaging process must be performed by a laborer. There are 10 laborers available and each is represented by an item in the Resource Item block. Each worker item is temporarily batched with the bottles and cartons to represent the requirements of the packaging process.
The dialog of the Batch block (shown at right) indicates that one laborer is needed for each package assembly. Since Delay Kit is checked for that row, the labor resource will not be drawn into the Batch block until the other items required for the batch (1 box and 3 bot- tles) have arrived.
Binding a worker
Batching and Unbatching 217
The worker is returned to the pool when the task is finished, while the boxed bottles exit the simulation. This is modeled by the Unbatch block, which takes a single item (the output from the Activity) and creates two items, as shown on the right. One item represents the worker who is sent back to the Resource Item block through the top output and the other represents the assembled package that is shipped.
Variable batching and unbatching
Unbatching 1 worker and 1 package
The previous model showed how to batch and unbatch a fixed number of items from each input. This example shows how to batch a variable number of items and unbatch that same number of items.
To keep track of the number of items a batch is composed of, select an attribute in the Batch block’s Properties tab to store the number of items in the batch. When the batch is created this attribute's value will be the number of items that arrived to create the batch.
Discrete Event

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