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Batching and Unbatching
Additional models
items. If “Duplicate preserved items” is selected, each item leaving the Unbatch block will have a duplicate copy of the preserved items. In this case, the Unbatch block copies the set of preserved items and attaches them to each unbatched item.
• IfPreserveuniquenessisnotselectedintheBatchblockbutisselectedintheUnbatchblock, it is the same as if preserve uniqueness is not checked at all. Because the original informa- tion about the batched items was lost when they were batched, the Unbatch block will unbatch identical copies of the items that arrive to it.
Neither of these conditions is typically desirable.
Additional models
The folder located at \Examples\Discrete Event\Batching contains additional batching models not discussed in this chapter:
• Equation(I)ControlsBatch
• Queue Eqn Controls Batch
Both models show advanced concepts for dynamically changing the size of batches.
Discrete Event

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