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Resources and Shifts 235
The Shift block
Number type examples
Shift Capacity Change model
In the model “Day Shift
Capacity Change”, shown at
right, a Number type of shift
is used to control the maxi-
mum number of items in the
Activity block. As deter-
mined by the Shift block, the
Activity is limited to 2 items
during the morning shift, 0
during lunch, 3 items during
the afternoon shift, and 0
overnight. The schedule,
named “Day Shift”, is set in
the Shift block; the dialog of
the Activity block is set to
Use Shift: Day Shift. Since
this model uses a number
type shift, the Shift block’s
table controls the maximum number that can be allowed in the Activity at one time. When the model is run, the cloned Activity dialog item “Maximum items in activity” reflects the Shift table’s schedule of allowed items. Shift behavior over the course of seven days (168 hours) is reflected in the plotted upper line of the graph. The lower graph line reflects the queue length’s growth when activities are limited.
Resources model
The next example also uses a Number type of shift. It illustrates a Shift block controlling Resource Pool availabil- ity so that workers start their shift, work 4 hours, take a lunch break, work 4 more hours, and then leave for the day.
When workers are not available, the backlog starts building up in the Queue.
Complex patterns
Shift blocks may be con-
figured serially, con-
trolled by other blocks,
or used in other patterns to create more complex shift patterns.
Shift Capacity Change model
Resources model
Discrete Event

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