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236 Resources and Shifts
The Shift block
Weekly and Daily Shifts model
In the “Weekly and Daily Shifts” model, shown at right, a 40-hour work week with two days off during weekends is modeled by feeding a Week Shift (set to On/Off) into a Day Shift (set to Number).
The Week Shift is On for the
five weekdays and Off
during weekends. Conse-
quently, during weekdays,
the Week Shift block sends a
value of 1 to the StatusIn
connector of the Day Shift
block, allowing it to observe
its own daily schedule.
However, during weekends,
the Week Shift block over-
rides the Day Shift schedule by sending it a value of 0. The plotted line in the cloned graph shows two work weeks (336 hours); the first and second weeks are separated by a weekend.
The cloned dialog item shows the same daily schedule as in the preceding model, with activity halted during lunch and at night.
Controlling Shifts model
Another example of a more complex shift struc- ture is the Controlling Shifts model where a Math block (Value library) mon- itors the processing at the Activity 1 block. While Activity 1 is processing, the shift is turned off, stop- ping any processing in Activity 2. An example of this would be if a worker is required to monitor two processes, but can only monitor one process at a time and must stop the sec- ond process while the first process is active.
Weekly and Daily Shifts model
Controlling Shifts model
Discrete Event

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