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Resources and Shifts 239
Advanced Resource Management
☞ The primary ARM transactions are illustrated and described in more detail starting on page 272.
The following definitions and abbreviations are used regarding the ARM system. Italicized words are defined in the table.
Advanced resource (AR)
Filtering condition (FC)
Quantity expression (QE)
Resource Resource Resource
Resource (RR)
A resource that is part of the Advanced Resource Management (ARM) system.
A specified condition of a resource or group property that gets saved. A filtering condition becomes a component of a quantity expression. It is thus the smallest (atomic) component of a resource requirement. When applied during the simulation run, the filtering condition limits the collec- tion of resources to those that meet the condition.
A means for organizing resources. Groups can be used to control which types of resources are allocated to and released from items. Although a resource can only belong to one pool, it can be a member of many differ- ent groups.
A method for distinguishing one resource, group, pool, or item from the others.
A component of a resource requirement that specifies the desired number of resources to be selected from a list of those that meet the filtering con- ditions. A resource requirement has a quantity expression that consists of a specified quantity of one or more filtering condition results.
The means by which process activities and operations are performed. Typical resources include equipment, personnel, space, energy, time, and money.
A request by an item to satisfy a resource requirement. This causes the Resource Manager to assign the item a unique Resource Order ID.
The location (record index) of a resource order in the Orders database table.
A means for organizing resources. Pools can be used to control which types of resources are allocated to and released from items, as well as to capture statistics. A resource can only belong to one pool but it can be a member of many groups.
A named rule that specifies how many of what types of resources to allo- cate to an item. The rule could be simple (1 washer/waxer is required per car) or it could be a complex expression involving several resources, groups, and so forth. A resource requirement can be composed using one or more quantity expressions.
order Order ID pool
Discrete Event

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