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Resources and Shifts
Resource release rule
A customizable mechanism for controlling which resources to release when items enter Resource Pool Release blocks. Each resource release rule is associated with a specific resource requirement and is designed to control the release of resources at the quantity expression level of the resource requirement.
The purpose of the following tutorial is to highlight some of the advantages of advanced resources and illustrate ARM capabilities that could not easily be accomplished using the Resource Item or Resource Pool methods. To do this, the tutorial focuses on the problem of worker training strategies. In particular, the Final Car Wash model is modified and experi- mented with to determine how many people to hire and what mix of skills (only washing cars, only waxing cars, or cross-trained to do both) the workers should be trained on.
The tutorial is divided into three phases, described below. Phase I: Adding ARM to a model
This phase just adds advanced resource capability to the Final Car Wash model, without chang- ing any underlying assumptions. It starts on page 241.
1) AddingaResourceManagerblocktothemodel
2) Changingthedialogsofthemodel’sResourcePool,Queue,andResourcePoolRelease blocks to supply, require, and release advanced resources, respectively
Phase II: Create more complex requirements and specialized resource types
Starting on page 244, Phase II shows how to create complex resources and resource require- ments.
1) Creatingthreeresourcepoolstorepresentthreetypesofresources
2) UsingtheResourceManagertocreatetwocomplexresourcerequirements
3) Creatinganewstringattributethatlinkstothetableofresourcerequirementsandchanging blocks to accommodate it
Phase III: Using the Resource Manager to create pools and requirements
The final phase shows how to use the Resource Manager block to create pools, resources, and resource requirements. It starts onpage 251.
1) CreatingapoolandresourcesusingtheResourceManagerblock
2) Defininganewresourcerequirement
☞ To understand the ARM system, it is important to go through the tutorial. For comparison to your work, example models that correspond to the tutorial are located at Examples\Tutori- als\Discrete Event\Advanced Resources. Also see the Auto Club Emergency Service model located at Examples\Discrete Event\Resources and Shifts\Advanced Resources.
The following tutorial assumes that you have completed the Discrete Event Tutorial (Car Wash) and that you are comfortable working with string attributes and the ExtendSim data- base. These topics are covered in the User Guide.
Discrete Event

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