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Phase I: Adding ARM to a model
This phase changes dialog settings of the blocks in the Final Car Wash model, causing the model to use advanced resources without changing its basic behavior. When finished, running the new model should result in exactly the same outputs as running the original model.
Add the Resource Manager block
The advanced resource capability is not enabled until the model has a Resource Manager block.
Open the model named Final Car Wash (\Examples\Tutorials\Discrete Event)
Save the model as “Final Car Wash RM” so you don’t overwrite the original model
Place a Resource Manager block (Item library, ExtendSim AT and ExtendSim Suite only) in the Final Car Wash RM model. The block can be placed anywhere, but the top of the model will provide easiest access.
Label the block “Resource Manager”
☞ In the dialog of the Resource Manager block, notice that, other than the Resources tab, the tabs are disabled. The tabs in this block are meant to be used sequentially. Until the model has advanced resources, the other tabs will remain disabled.
Resource Pool
The next step is to create an advanced resource pool and some resources. This is done by changing the settings in the Resource Pool block that is already in the model.
☞ Because using them automates many of the steps, Resource Pool blocks provide a quick and efficient entry to using the ARM system.
Change block settings
In the dialog of the model’s Resource Pool block (labeled Attendant Resource): Change the resource pool behavior to: advanced resource pool
Create a new pool:
Select Advanced pool name: New advanced resource pool
In the dialog that appears, name the advanced resource pool Washer/Waxer Define the properties for the pool’s
Initial status: Idle (the default) Shift: none (the default) Initial number: 2
The settings should now look like the screen shot shown here.
Click OK to close the block’s dialog
A message appears warning that the properties of this pool have been changed. Click Yes to accept the changes and close that dialog.
Resources and Shifts 241
Phase I: Adding ARM to a model
Discrete Event

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