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242 Resources and Shifts
Phase I: Adding ARM to a model
The resource pool of 2 who can wash and wax cars has now been replaced by an advanced resource pool of 2 who can wash and wax cars.
What happened
This process created a new advanced resource pool, named Washer/Waxer, that has 2 resources. Both resources have an initial status of Idle and no Shift. When the pool was cre- ated, the ARM system automatically named the resources Washer/Waxer_1 and Washer/Wax- er_2, stored them as records in the Resources table of the Advanced Resources database, and listed them in the Resource Manager block so they can be edited. (As will be discussed later, the ARM system also automatically created a default requirement for the pool’s resources.)
Look at the Resource Manager: Resources tab
To see how the Washer/Waxer pool’s resources are stored in the Resource Manager: Go to the Resources tab of the Resource Manager block
Select Mode: Edit resources
In the Set resource filters frame:
Choose Pool name: Washer/Waxer as the filter
Leave the rest of the filtering fields as they are
The Edit filtered resources table at the bottom now lists the two resources that are in the Washer/Waxer pool, along with their initial properties. This table is where resource properties can be edited.
2 resources
Do not change any of the initial properties Click OK to close the Resource Manager’s dialog
The Queue is where item/cars wait until the required types of resources, in the specified quan- tities, are available.
Change block settings
In the dialog of the Queue block (Wait for Attendant):
Change the queue behavior to: advanced resource queue
Choose Get resource requirement from: List selection (the default)
In the list selection popup, be sure that RR_Washer/Waxer is selected, as shown above. Click OK to close the dialog
This tells the Queue that it must hold each car until the resource(s) specified by RR_Washer/ Waxer are available. Requiring one Washer/Waxer per car is the default resource requirement.
What happened
When a Resource Pool block is used to create a pool, the ARM system automatically creates an associated default resource requirement. The default is that one resource is required from the
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