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Resources and Shifts 243
Phase I: Adding ARM to a model
associated pool in order for the item to be released from the Queue. And the default require- ment is given the same name as the resource pool, preceded by “RR_”. Thus the default resource requirement is named RR_Washer/Waxer and, again by default, each car requires one Washer/Waxer. (If a more complex resource requirement is needed, it must first be defined on the Resource Manager’s Requirements tab, as discussed in Phase II of this tutorial.)
If a pool has been created using a Resource Pool block, the ARM system automatically speci- fies a default resource requirement, with a quantity of 1 resource, as being required for each item. If the pool is instead created using the Resource Manager block, this automated process is optional. For more information, see “Default resource requirements” on page 268.
Look at the Resource Manager: Requirements tab
It is helpful to see how the Resource Manager handles resource requirements. Go to the Requirements tab of the Resource Manager block
Check to enable Create/modify resource requirements (the top check box)
The dialog expands to show the resource
requirements popup, some operators, and an
expression area. This frame is where
resource requirements can be created or
edited, but it is also useful for getting a quick
look at the existing requirements. For
instance, RR_Washer/Waxer is the name of the default resource requirement that was automat- ically defined when the new pool was created. The expression area indicates that RR_Washer/ Waxer requires 1 resource from the Washer/Waxer pool for each car to exit the Queue.
Click OK to close the Resource Manager’s dialog Resource Pool Release
In the dialogs of both of the Resource Pool Release blocks (Release Attendants): For the release behavior, select Release: advanced resources
For the release rule, choose Release: all resources (the default setting) Click OK
Save and run
So that the changes to the Advanced Resources database will be saved, save your “Final Car Wash RM” model.
Run the simulation (it will run a lot faster if you turn off animation).
The new model is now fully converted to run using advanced resources but retains the informa- tion of the original model. If the same random seed value is entered in the Run > Simulation Setup > Random Numbers tab, the converted model will produce identical results to the origi- nal model.
☞ For extra assurance, compare the results of this phase of the tutorial to the “Final Car Wash RM1” model located at Examples\Tutorials\Discrete Event\Advanced Resources.
In order for the new pool and its resources to be saved, the model must be saved. This action also saves the Advanced Resources database, which contains all the information about the pools and their resources.
Discrete Event

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