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Resources and Shifts 245
Phase II: Organizing resources
Because some resources are specialized, complexity will be added to the resource allocation logic:
• CarsthatneedwashingonlywillrequireeitheroneWasheroroneWasher/Waxer
• CarsthatneedwashingandwaxingwillrequireeitheroneWasherandoneWaxerorone Washer/Waxer
To enable this, three different resource pools will represent the different skill sets of the car wash workers. The first pool consists of workers who can only wash cars, the second pool con- sists of workers who can only wax cars, and the third consists of workers who can both wash and wax cars.
☞ While not necessary for this tutorial example, resources from different pools can be organized into groups with rankings and skill levels. This is discussed in “Groups” on page 255.
Using attributes to set resource requirements
While Phase I showed how to select the resource requirement from a popup list, the following section shows how to set the resource requirement as a string attribute and use that attribute to specify item requirements – cars that require either one Washer or one Washer/Waxer and cars that require either one Washer/Waxer or both a Washer and a Waxer.
Resource Pools
Three pools are required for this phase of the tutorial: Washer/Waxer, Washer, and Waxer. Each pool will have one type of resource (washer/waxer, washer, or waxer) available for the model.
☞ This tutorial uses three Resource Pool blocks to represent the three pools. However, Resource Pool blocks are optional in the ARM system and pools can also be created using the Resource Manager, as shown in Phase III.
Change the original Resource Pool
This phase of the tutorial makes additional changes to the model created in Phase I. Open (or continue using) the “Final Car Wash RM” model you created in Phase I In the dialog of that model’s Resource Pool block (labeled Attendant Resource):
Change the initial number to 1
Change the label of the block to Washer/Waxer Click OK to close the dialog
A dialog appears with a message that this action will change the properties in the pool Washer/Waxer. Click Yes to acknowledge and accept the change.
Add two additional pools
The next step is to add resources that are specialized:
Add a second Resource Pool block to the model. (The easiest way to do this is to Edit>Duplicate the existing Resource Pool block, which you labeled Washer/Waxer.)
In the block’s dialog, define the advanced resources as follows: Select Advanced pool name: New advanced resource pool
Discrete Event

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