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Resources and Shifts
Phase II: Organizing resources
In the dialog that appears, name the advanced resource pool Washer
Enter Initial number: 1 but leave the rest of the set- tings at the default
Change the label of the block to Washer
Click OK to close the dialog
If the new Resource Pool block is a duplicate of the original, a dialog appears with a reminder that the properties of this pool have been changed. Click Yes to accept the changes and close that dialog.
Add a third Resource Pool to the model and repeat the above process, except: Name the third advanced resource pool Waxer
Change the label of the block to Waxer
Save your “Final Car Wash RM” model
Requirements tab of Resource Manager
Some cars need only to be washed and some need waxing as well as washing. The next step is to define those resource requirements. Now that there are three Resource Pool blocks in the model, there are also three default resource requirements: RR_Waxer, RR_Washer, and RR_Washer/Waxer. These are listed in popup menus in the Queue’s dialog and in the Create/ modify resource requirements frame of the Resource Manager’s Requirements tab. (Default resource requirements are discussed more on page 268.)
☞ The ARM system created default resource requirements as well as the default building blocks (the filtering condition and quantity expression) that compose that resource requirement.
Cars requiring washing only
These cars can be washed by either a washer/waxer or by a washer. This model then needs a new resource requirement that will request either one washer/waxer or one washer.
Go to the Requirements tab of the Resource Manager.
If not already done, check Create/Modify Resource Requirements. This enables a section
where operators and logical expressions are used to define requirements.
Notice that the popup list of resource requirements has the three default resource requirements (each of which is 1 resource from the pool) that were automatically created for the three pools in this model.
To create a new resource requirement:
Select Choose resource requirement: New resource requirement. The popup changes to “unsaved resource requirement” – a reminder that the requirement must be saved to be usable.
From the popup labeled Insert quantity expression, choose
1 from Washer/Waxer. This places that quantity expression in the expression area.
☞ Mistakes can be cleared clicking Clear Last or Clear All.
Click the OR button to cause that operator to be placed in the expression area
Discrete Event

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