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Resources and Shifts 249
Phase II: Organizing resources
Click Link. This causes the Executive’s Item Attributes tab to appear. It also causes the Resource Requirements table to be linked to the Requirements string attribute, as indicated in the string values table shown at right.
Close the Executive’s dialog. Notice that in the Set block’s dialog the Property Name is now Requirements.
Close the Set’s dialog Save your model
Random Number
Table with attribute strings
The resource requirement now comes from the value of a string attribute named Requirements. However, the Random Number block originally looked at the Preference attribute to determine how often the requirement would be for wash only or for wash and wax. The block must be changed to use the correct values of the new string attribute.
In the dialog of the Random Number block (Preference Percentage):
In row 0, select Wash Requirement from the popup. That requirement will now be
selected 75% of the time.
In row 1, select Wash/Wax Requirement from the popup. That requirement will be selected 25% of the time.
Close the dialog
The Queue is where items in this model get their resource requirements. Instead of from a list selection, the block must now get the resource requirement from the new string attribute.
In the dialog of the Queue block (Wait for Attendant):
Choose: Get resource requirement from: Attribute value
For the attribute name, select Requirements
Close the dialog
Select Item Out
The Select Item Out block is where items get routed to one bay or the other. This step is to select the item routing method using the new string attribute.
In the dialog of the Select Item Out block (Select Route):
For the selection condition, choose Select output based on: property (it should already be selected)
For the property, choose the string attribute Requirements In the Requirements column of the Select options table:
For row 0, choose Wash Requirement
For row 1, choose Wash/Wax Requirement
Notice that the To Block column indicates where cars with that requirement will be routed.
Select Item Out table
Discrete Event

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