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Phase III: An alternate method for creating pools
tion will be displayed if a Statistics block (Value library) is added to the model before the simulation runs.
• The Results tab of Resource Pool blocks provide statistics on the total number of resources in the pool, how many are in use or are available, and their average utilization.
• IftheResourceManager’sEventLoggingtabisenabledwhenthesimulationisrun,it records specified information about the resource transactions that occurred. The type of transaction is user-selected in the dialog. To view the results, click View Database, then select and open the Resource Transaction Log table.
Phase III: An alternate method for creating pools
Resource Pool blocks are useful for quickly creating an ARM system. Additionally, the default resource requirements that are automatically created when a those blocks are used can be help- ful.
However, models would soon get too busy if Resource Pool blocks were the only method for creating pools. And it is unlikely that every resource requirement would be for only 1 of one type of resource, as happens with the default requirements.
This phase of the tutorial shows how to use the ARM system without the help of Resource Pool blocks and their default resource requirements.
Use a Resource Manager to create a pool and resources
Resource Pool blocks provide a quick entry into the ARM system. The Resource Manager block, however, is more flexible and allows for more robust configurations.
Create the pool
Open the Final Car Wash RM model that was used in the previous two phases Go to the Resources tab of the Resource Manager block
Choose Mode: Create resources
In the Specify default resource properties frame:
Select Pool name: new resource pool
In the dialog that appears, name the pool My New Pool
A second dialog asks if you want to create a default resource requirement for the new pool. (Default resource requirements are discussed on page 268.)
Click No. (It doesn’t matter if you accidentally click Yes; the default resource require- ment can be ignored or deleted).
In the Resources tab dialog, notice the following:
• The option to Make names distinct is checked by default
• The default name for the pool’s resources is the same as the pool’s name; this is the root name of individual resources created for the pool
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