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Resources and Shifts
Phase III: An alternate method for creating pools
Create the resources
Change the name and set the properties
Whichever name is entered in the Resource name field will be the root name for all the resources created for this pool. In addition, whichever default properties are set will apply to every resource in the pool. (Names and properties can be changed later, as seen below.)
In the Specify default resource properties frame: Enter Resource name: My Resources
Do not change the default properties
Create the resources
In the Create resources with the specified properties frame:
Enter 5 as the number of new resources for the pool
Click Create
Five resources are created and displayed in the table. Notice the following:
• Since Make names distinct is checked, each resource has the root name (My Resources) fol- lowed by a different number.
• Every resource has the default properties.
Modifying resource properties
By default, the newly created resources all have the same properties and they all use the same root name. There are two methods for changing resource properties, including names:
1) ChangethepropertiesintheCreateresourcestablewhilethetabisstillinCreateresources mode. Only the newly created resources for the selected pool will appear in the table. If you close the block or switch modes, the table will reset to empty.
2) Change the mode to Edit resources, filter for the pool (leaving Resource name blank), and change properties in the Edit filtered resources table. All of the resources for the selected pool will appear in the table.
☞ Once resources have been created, changes to their properties are automatically and immedi- ately saved to the database. (The model file must still be saved.)
It is not necessary to change any resource properties for this tutorial Save the model
In order for the new pool, its resources, and their properties to be saved: Save the model
This action also saves the Advanced Resources database, which contains all the information about the pools and their resources.
Create a resource requirement
The previous section purposefully chose to not have the ARM system create a default resource requirement for the pool. This section shows how to manually create a resource requirement.
Resource requirements are built in three steps.
Discrete Event

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