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Phase III: An alternate method for creating pools
1) Thefirststepistocreateandsaveafilteringcondition.Afilteringconditionisaspecified aspect of a resource or group property. For instance, a filtering condition could be that the resource comes from a particular pool. Think of creating filtering conditions as a way to make collections of resources. When used in a quantity expression, filtering conditions limit the collection to a selected list of resources that meet the specific conditions.
2) Thesecondstepistodefineandsaveaquantityexpression.Quantityexpressionsarelogi- cal statements consisting of the desired number of resources and one or more filtering con- ditions, such as 2 resources from a particular pool.
3) Thegoalistoarriveataresourcerequirement.Inthesimplestcase,theresourcerequire- ment could be the same as the quantity expression. It could also be a complex expression that selects resources with specific properties from several pools and/or groups.
☞ This section of the tutorial gives a quick overview. For more information about creating resource requirements, see “Resource requirements” on page 262.
Create a filtering condition
The Resource Manager’s Requirements tab has three check boxes that are unchecked by default. Because resource requirements can be very complex, it is easiest to work in this tab if only one frame is open at a time.
In the Requirements tab:
Check the box to enable Create/modify filtering conditions. Choose filtering condition: new filtering condition
The popup changes to “unsaved filtering condi- tion” and the text is in red – a reminder that the filtering condition must be saved to be usable.
Choose to Filter using properties of: resources
Using the popups, create the expression Property: Pool = My New Pool
Click Save As and save the filtering con- dition as Any New Pool Resources
Creating a new filtering condition
Creating a filtering condition
Click Test. This opens the Viewer, displaying which resources the filtering condition would select at this time. (New resources might be added, or existing ones deleted, before the fil- tering condition actually gets applied.)
Close the Viewer
Disable the Create/modify filtering conditions frame by unchecking its check box
Create a quantity expression
Check the box to enable Create/modify quantity expression Choose quantity expression: new quantity expression
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