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254 Resources and Shifts
Phase III: An alternate method for creating pools
The popup changes to “unsaved quantity expression” and the text is in red – a reminder that it must be saved to be usable.
Enter Quantity = 2 Click SELECT
This places the expression in the expression area. The expression indicates that two resources will be selected. Since there is no limit on the type of resources, any two resources from the Resources table could be chosen.
To limit the resources to those specified by a filtering condition:
Click WHERE, causing it to be placed in the expression area
From the Insert resource filtering condition popup, choose Any New Pool Resources
The expression indicates that
two resources will be
selected from the Resources table where the pool name is My New Pool.
Save the quantity expression as 2 from My New Pool
A dialog appears asking if you want a resource requirement to be created for this quantity
expression. The choices are:
1) ChooseYesifyouwanttheresourcerequirementtobethesameaswhatisdescribedinthe quantity expression. In this case, the resource requirement would be for any two resources as long as they were from the pool named My New Pool.
2) ChooseNoifyouwantaresourcerequirementthatismorecomplexthanwhatisdescribed in the quantity expression.
(For more information about default resource requirements, see page 268.)
In the dialog, choose No. (If you instead chose Yes, the resulting resource requirement can be ignored or deleted.)
Click Test. This opens the Viewer, displaying which resources might be selected. As indi- cated in the table, without any other conditions being present the system will choose the first two resources in the list.
Close the Viewer
Close the Create/modify quantity expression frame by unchecking the check box
Create a resource requirement
Check the box to enable Create/modify resource requirements Choose resource requirement: new resource requirement
The popup changes to “unsaved resource requirement” and the text is in red – a reminder that the requirement must be saved.
Select Insert quantity expression: 1 from Washer Click OR
Select Insert quantity expression: 2 from My New Pool
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