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Resources and Shifts 255
Additional information
Save the new resource requirement as New Resource Requirement
Click Test. The Viewer indicates which resources will be selected to fulfill the requirement. All other things being equal, one washer will be selected or the first two resources in My New Pool will be selected.
For more detailed information about creating resource requirements, see “Resource require- ments” on page 262.
☞ The purpose of Phase III was just to show how to create pools, resources, and resource require- ments using the Resource Manager block. Since the new resource requirement is not used in the model, it has no affect on model behavior.
Even if a model has no Resource Pool blocks, it should probably have Resource Pool Release blocks. Use of Resource Pool Release blocks is optional only if the resources are considered to be consumed and the accumulation of excess records for the non-disposed resources does not cause concerns for model size and memory usage.
Don’t lose your work
The new resource requirement is automatically saved in the Advanced Resources database. However, for the database to be saved:
Save the model
☞ You can compare your model to the “Final Car Wash RM3” model located at Examples\Tutori-
als\Discrete Event\Advanced Resources.
End of the tutorial
For another advanced resources example, see the Auto Club Emergency Service model; it is located at Examples\Discrete Event\Resources and Shifts\Advanced Resources.
Additional information
The following areas were not covered, or not completely covered, in the tutorial; they are dis- cussed below.
• Groups
• Resource orders
• Status and transitions
• Propertiesofresources,pools,groups,anditems
• Moreinformationaboutcreatingaresourcerequirement • Release rules
• Policies
Groups provide a means for organizing resources from different pools or from the same pool. If included as part of a filtering condition, groups can be used to control which resources are selected for a resource requirement.
☞ Although a resource can only belong to one pool, it can be a member of many different groups.
Creating groups and grouping resources
To create a new group that includes some resources:
Discrete Event

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