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Resources and Shifts
Additional information
Individual resources, pools, groups, and items each have their own properties. Properties pro- vide a means to distinguish between them and characterize their behavior. As the simulation runs, information about properties is displayed in the Resource Manager’s Results tab.
Resource properties
The Resources table of the Advanced Resources database stores each resource as a distinct record, sorted by Resource ID. The fields of this table represent resource properties, which can be static or dynamic.
☞ The ARM system has a list of pre-defined static and dynamic resource properties. Custom resource properties can also be added, as discussed below.
Static properties
Static properties are specified when the resources are created, either in the Resource Pool block or on the Resources tab of the Resource Manager. Their values remain fixed during the simula- tion run.
The Resource ID property is automatically defined by the system. It uniquely identifies the resource and is not modifiable by the modeler. Other static properties are definable by the modeler:
• Resourcename.ThenamedoesnothavetobeuniqueunlessMakenamesunique(Resources tab of Resource Manager block) is checked when the resource is created.
• Pool.Thepoolnamemustbeunique.
• Initialstatus:idleordisabled.
• Shift, if the Shift block (Item library) is present in the model.
• Groups. If a resource is a member of more than one group, the Groups column of the Select resources to group table (Resources tab, Manage groups mode) will display a popup menu listing the groups.
• Cost per unit of time.
• The time unit used for costing.
• Cost per use.
These static properties are also part of the filtering conditions used to create or modify resource requirements.
Dynamic properties
As the simulation runs, the ARM system tracks status information and calculates resource sta- tistics. This data is stored as dynamic resource properties, which include:
• Statusandstatusstarttime
• Pendingstatusandpendingstatusstarttime
• Total orders serviced
• Totalidle/busy/disabledstatustime
• Totaldownoroff-shifttime
• Utilization
• Total cost
Discrete Event

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