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Resources and Shifts
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able. While they are considered group properties, the Skill Level and Resource Rank are assigned to the individual members (resources) of the group.
Group properties are useful when creating or modifying filtering conditions. Both the Skill Level and the Resource Rank are used to prioritize which resource to select first from the group, when a group requirement is executed. The Skill Level or Resource Rank can be any number, including 0 (zero) and decimals.
The Groups table of the Advanced Resources database lists all of the model’s groups. The Group Resources table displays all of the groups in the model as well as the properties and Resource ID of each of their members. (Remember, a resource can be included in more than one group.)
For information on creating and managing groups, see “Groups” on page 255.
☞ While the principle is the same, a group’s Resource Rank is not the same as a resource’s Resource Requirement Rank.
Item properties
In addition to the item properties discussed in the User Guide, every item at an advanced resource queue has a unique Resource Order ID assigned to it. The ID is automatically stored in a special item property and refers to a record index in the Resource Orders table of the Advanced Resources database. (See “Resource orders” on page 257.)
While not an item property, resource requirements have a resource requirement rank that con- trols the order in which idle resources search for waiting items to service. A resource require- ment with a better rank will have first choice of any available items that require that resource. For more information, see “Resource allocation policy” on page 261.
Release rules
A Resource Pool Release block has three choices for controlling which resources to release when items enter the block. The options are:
• Release all resources
• Release all resources from a specific resource order • Release resources using a custom rule
Custom Resource release rules provide a user-definable mechanism for controlling which resources to release. They are designed to control the release of resources at the quantity spec- ification level of a resource requirement. Consequently, each resource release rule is associated with a specific resource requirement.
To create or modify a release rule:
Go to the Resource Manager’s Release Rules tab
Choose an existing resource release rule or create a new one
Select the resource requirement that the rule should be associated with In the Quantity Expression table, specify the Release Quantity
As discussed in more detail below, the Policies tab is for:
Discrete Event

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