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Comparison of the three resource methods
When a new pool or group is created
When a default resource requirement is created for a new pool or group, 3 components are cre- ated:
1) Afilteringconditionnamed“FC_[nameofpoolorgroup]”,withtheconditionthat:
• Foranewpool,theresourcemustcomefromthenewpool(“Filterusingpropertiesof resources, where the property = [the new pool]”).
• Foranewgroup,theresourcemustcomefromthenewgroup(“Filterusingproperties of resources, where the property = [the new group]”).
2) A quantity expression named “1 from [name of pool or group]”, indicating that the require- ment is for exactly 1 resource from the pool or group.
3) Aresourcerequirementnamed“RR_[nameofpoolorgroup]”.(Whenaresourcerequire- ment is automatically created for a new pool or group, it is the same as the quantity expres- sion.)
Because the default filtering condition is the newly created pool or group and the default quan- tity expression is 1 resource from that pool or group, the default resource requirement is that 1 resource is required from the new pool or group.
☞ The default resource requirement for a new pool or group is that one resource will be required.
When a quantity expression is created
When a new quantity expression is created, the option is given to create a corresponding default resource requirement. The default resource requirement will be the same as the quan- tity expression, but its name would be preceded by “RR”. The name of the resource require- ment can be changed before the requirement is saved.
Comparison of the three resource methods
Resource Representa- tion
Resource Item Block
Resources are represented by items that are created and reside in Resource Item blocks. The Resource Item block maintains statistics. Attri- butes can be used to store properties and statistics for individual resources.
Resource Pool Method
Resources are represented as a quantity in a pool in the Resource Pool block. Individual resources can- not have properties and are thus indistinguishable within a pool. The Resource Pool block maintains statistics.
Advanced Resource Management
Resources are represented in a table in an internal database. Each resource is a record in this table. The fields in the table are used to store property values and statistics for individ- ual resources.
Discrete Event

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