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The Advanced Resources database
Resources and Shifts 271
The Advanced Resources database
Disadvan- tages
Resource Item Block
1. The Resource Item block must be connected in the model such that the resources it outputs can be batched with the items that require them.
2. A resource item cannot “see” the items waiting for it. Routing blocks must be used to direct the resource item to the cor- rect Batch or Unbatch block.
Resource Pool Method
1. Does not allow the use of attributes or other properties to track infor- mation about individual resources.
2. It is more difficult to control the complex scheduling of competing resources across a number of different queues using resource pools.
Advanced Resource Management
1. The complexity of this method requires more learning time compared to the other methods.
2. Advanced Resource Management is only available with the Extend- Sim AT and ExtendSim Suite packages.
The Advanced Resources database provides the architectural framework for the ARM system. ARM uses the database to represent, manage, and track the status and properties of resources, pools, and groups, as well as resource allocation and release rules. The database is automati- cally created when a Resource Manager block is added to a model. It is easily accessed by clicking the View Database button in the Resource Manager’s tabs or through the ExtendSim Database menu.
There are several tables in the database. The most relevant to the modeler are described below.
Table Description
Pools Summarizes the results from the simulation run (total idle time, total utilization, and so forth) for each pool.
Resources Lists each resource and its properties, current status, and statistical information.
Resource Transaction Log Depending on the settings in the Resource Manager’s Event Logging tab, this table displays the transactions,
status transitions, and results of the simulation run. Also see “Primary transactions for ARM” on page 272.
Blocks that compose the ARM system
While the Resource Manager block is central to the ARM architecture, several other blocks perform important functions.
Discrete Event

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