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Resources and Shifts
Primary transactions for ARM
Block (Library)
Resource Manager (Item – AT & Suite)
Queue (Item)
Queue Equation (Item)
Resource Pool (Item)
Resource Pool Release (Item)
Statistics (Value)
Shift (Item)
Function When Used With Advanced Resources
Provides the interface for managing advanced resources, resource requirements (allocation rules), release rules, and transaction logs. Use it to:
• Create, edit, and delete resources, pools, groups, and their proper- ties
• Create resource requirements
• Define release rules
• Define policies for allocating idle resources to items
• Enableeventlogging
• View statistical results
Controls the ordering and allocation of resources Note: Selected queue behavior must be advanced resource queue.
The equation can be used to conditionally allocate requirements to items released from the Queue Equation block. Note: Enable advanced resources (AR) on the block’s Options tab.
A shortcut for creating a pool of resources. Controls the initial properties and number of resources in a pool and reports aggregated results for its resources. Notes: 1) Selected behavior must be advanced resource pool. 2) Since all its capabilities can be achieved using the Resource Manager block, this block is optional. 3) Resource Pool resources do not have properties unless the resources are advanced.
Controls the release of resources. Notes: 1) Selected behavior must be release advanced resources. 2) Even if the model doesn’t use any Resource Pool blocks, use of Resource Pool Release blocks is optional only if the resources are considered to be consumed and there are no con- cerns about model size and computer memory due to the accumulation of excess records for the non-disposed resources.
Reports statistics for individual resources. Especially useful for exporting data and for performing batch means and multi-run analyses.
Notifies the Resource Manager block when there is a change to a shift being used by one or more advanced resources.
Primary transactions for ARM
The following diagrams and tables give an overview of how advanced resources are used in a model. The explanation is divided into three sections which describe what happens when:
• AnitemarrivesataQueuethatispartoftheARMsystem
• AResourcePoolblockgetsamessagetoaddorremoveadvancedresources • AShiftblockisusedintheARMsystem
☞ In the explanations, the Database Tables Used column has the following abbreviations: RO (Resource Orders), RTL (Resource Transaction Log), and RR (Resource Requirements).
Discrete Event

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