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Why simulation is important
ExtendSim is a powerful, leading edge simulation tool. Using ExtendSim, you can develop dynamic models of real-life processes in a wide variety of fields. Use ExtendSim to create models from building blocks, explore the processes involved, and see how they relate. Then change assumptions to arrive at an optimum solution. ExtendSim and your imagination are all you need to create professional models that meet your business, industrial, and academic needs.
Why simulation is important
Simulation involves designing a model of a system and carrying out experiments on it as it pro- gresses through time. Models enable you to see how a real-world activity will perform under different conditions and test various hypotheses at a fraction of the cost of performing the actual activity.
One of the principal benefits of a model is that you can begin with a simple approximation of a process and gradually refine the model as your understanding of the process improves. This “stepwise refinement” enables you to achieve good approximations of very complex problems surprisingly quickly. As you add refinements, the model more closely imitates the real-life pro- cess.
Simulation with ExtendSim
ExtendSim is an easy-to-use, yet extremely powerful, tool for simulating processes. It helps you understand complex systems and produce better results faster. With ExtendSim you can:
• Predict the course and results of certain actions
• Gaininsightandstimulatecreativethinking
• Visualize your processes logically or in a virtual environment
• Identify problem areas before implementation
• Explore the potential effects of modifications
• Confirmthatallvariablesareknown
• Optimize your operations
• Evaluate ideas and identify inefficiencies
• Understand why observed events occur
• Communicatetheintegrityandfeasibilityofyourplans
What ExtendSim can do
ExtendSim allows you to simulate any system or process by creating a logical representation in an easy-to-use format.
Modeling capabilities
With ExtendSim, you get powerful modeling constructs, including:
• A full set of building blocks that allow you to build models rapidly
• Acustomizablegraphicalinterfacethatdepictstherelationshipsinthemodeledsystem
• Unlimited hierarchical decomposition for organizing model sections, making enterprise- wide models easy to build and understand
• Dialogs and notebooks for changing model values, so you can quickly try out assumptions and dynamically interface with your model

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