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Activity-Based Costing
Modeling with activity-based costing
The value of the _rate attribute should be set to the cost accumulator's variable cost rate (waiting cost per time unit), as shown below.
Create tab; block set to “Create items by schedule”
☞ The _rate attribute must be defined using the same time unit as the model’s default global time unit. In the example, the time unit is hours, so the _rate attribute is the hourly rate.
Resource Item block
Cost accumulators can
also be provided for a
model using the
Resource Item block.
To do this, you must
choose that the block
Provide items that
calculate costing as:
cost accumulators in
the block’s Cost tab, a
portion of which is shown at right.
Costs of resources
The costs that will be assigned to items that require resources are defined in the Resource Pool and Resource Item blocks. The Cost tab in those blocks has fields for entering the following information:
• The cost per time unit rate, used to calculate and assign a time-based cost to the cost accu- mulator while it uses the resource.
• The cost per use is a one-time cost assigned to the cost accumulator for the use of that resource, such as a fixed service charge.
Cost tab of Resource Item block, providing cost accumulators
Discrete Event

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