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What’s new in this release
What’s new in this release
For a list of the new and enhance features added in this release, go to the ExtendSim web site ( or see the ExtendSim 9 Reference.
Levels of use
You can use ExtendSim on many levels:
• Run pre-assembled models and explore alternatives by changing the data. If you work in a group environment, one or more authors can create models for others to run for experimenta- tion. The author can also build a custom front end to facilitate user interaction with the model. The LT version of ExtendSim allows non-modelers to run pre-assembled models, change data, and obtain results. For more information, see “The ExtendSim LT version” on page 801.
• Create your own models from the blocks that come with ExtendSim. ExtendSim includes libraries of blocks to handle most modeling needs. To build a model, pull blocks from librar- ies and link connectors on the blocks. You can also use pre-built templates (Templates library) or assemble your own hierarchical blocks of subsystems and save them in libraries. This saves starting from scratch when you’re building a model of a process that has elements in common with a previous model.
• Use the integrated development environment to create new blocks that conform to the ExtendSim modeling architecture. The development environment is optimized for simula- tion and allows you to create blocks with custom code, dialogs, and icons and use them in your models just as you would other ExtendSim blocks. You can also modify the blocks that come with ExtendSim to work with your specific needs.
• Developyourownmodelingarchitecture,conventions,andfeatures.WiththeExtendSim development environment, you can create a custom set of blocks with unique interfaces, communication protocols, and behaviors. This new architecture can be continuous, discrete event, discrete rate, agent-based, or an entirely new type of simulation.
• Automate your model building using the scripting functions to build wizards, or by using ActiveX/COM. You can use ActiveX/COM or block-based wizards to cause models to be automatically created or modified. Models can be also be programmatically created from a user input form or data file. This allows the modeling environment to be utilized indirectly by end-users who have little or no simulation experience.
An ExtendSim ASP license is required to distribute the functionality of ExtendSim to other users or to provide internet or intranet access to ExtendSim or to its functionality. Contact Imagine That, Inc. for more information.
About this User Guide
This manual is a general-purpose tutorial and reference for using ExtendSim. Every effort has been made to present sample models that you can easily understand, whatever field you are in, so you can quickly learn how to use this powerful tool.
In addition to the general-purpose Tutorial in the first two chapters, other sections (Continuous Modeling, Discrete Event Modeling, Discrete Rate Modeling, and 3D Animation) have their

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