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Additional resources
own segment-specific tutorials. The User Guide also has a complete “How To” section that explores concepts and techniques for developing and running models.
While you may find that your subject area is not represented in the manual, or that the sample models reflect some disciplines which are unfamiliar to you, remember that their purpose is to teach you how to use ExtendSim. What you model, and how you model it, are determined mostly by your knowledge and expertise in your subject area.
☞ A separate Developer Reference is also available for modelers who use the equation-based blocks and programmers who want to create custom blocks for specific purposes.
Additional resources
Imagine That Inc. provides several resources to support your simulation experience.
1) GettingStarted.TheQuickStartinterface(GettingStartedmodel)openswhenyoulaunch ExtendSim. Use this interface to explore sample models and to view tutorials on building and running models.
2) Onlinehelp.
• Access the electronic User Guide and Developer Reference by giving the command Help > ExtendSim Help or press F1 on your keyboard.
• Use tool tips to identify interface elements.
• Get complete definition of how a block works, including descriptions of its dialog items and connectors, by clicking a block’s Help button.
4) Networking.LinksforExtendSimuserforums,networks,andblogsareatwww.Extend- For example, the ExtendSim E-Xchange is a user forum for sharing ideas, insights, and modeling techniques with other ExtendSim users. Use this forum to post issues and solutions, share blocks and models, and to talk directly to other people developing simulations. You must register to join, but access is free and avail- able to all ExtendSim modelers.
5) Complimentarysupport.Gettechnicalassistanceforinstallationissues,basicusageques- tions, and troubleshooting for up to 60 days after purchasing a new product or upgrade. For continuing support beyond the complimentary period, purchase either an annual Mainte- nance Plan or Per-Incident Support.
Contacting Imagine That Inc. Technical Support
You must be a registered customer to receive technical support from our support staff. Register online when you install ExtendSim (Windows only), register online after installation using the Register.exe file in the ExtendSim9\Online Registration folder (Windows only), or email your serial number and contact information to (Macintosh only).
Technical support is complimentary for the first 60 days after purchase. After that,, you must either subscribe to the ExtendSim Maintenance Plan or purchase per-incident support.
When you contact our support representatives, please provide the following information: 1) ExtendSim serial number, product name, and release number:
Windows: Located in the Help > About ExtendSim menu command, on the title page of the User Guide, or on the tear-off remainder of your registration card.

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