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Tips and Techniques
Event scheduling
Connector Meaning
C Capacity (Activity, Workstation) Current cost (Cost By Item)
CI Confidence interval
CT Cycle time
D Delay (Activity)
DB ExtendSim database DT Down time (Activity) DV Down value (Shutdown) F Full (Activity, Queue)
Field of a database table (Read Item, Write Item) I Interval between items
L Length of waiting line (Queue, Activity, Workstation) Length of line (Information - will be 0 or 1)
LO Length out (Queue Matching) MG Match group (Queue Matching) NB Number blocked
P Priority
PE Preempt
PT Process time
Q Quantity
R Renege time (Queue) Row (Cost By Item)
Record (Read Item, Write Item when ExtendSim database is selected)
RS Reset
SD Shut down
T Total cost (Cost By Item)
TBF Time between failures (Shutdown) TP Throughput rate (Information)
TTR Time to repair (Shutdown)
U Utilization
UV Up value (Shutdown)
W Wait time for items leaving the queue
Event scheduling
ExtendSim moves items in a discrete event model only when an event happens. Events are controlled by the Executive block and only occur when particular blocks specify that they should. Blocks that depend on time cause events to happen at the appropriate time. For
Discrete Event

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