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330 Introduction
How the Discrete Rate module is organized
• Maximum rate – the upper limit of the rate of flow, as described on page 371.
• Effective rate – the actual rate of flow. See page 372 for more information.
• Upstream supply and downstream demand – potential rates. See page 455.
• Infinite rate – any value equal to or greater than a large specified number. See page 372 for more information.
How the Discrete Rate module is organized
The discrete rate portion of the User Guide shows how to build models to simulate rate-based flows moving through a system at a certain speed. It will show you how to design and docu- ment a rate-based model, run the simulation, test different scenarios, and analyze the results. The Discrete Rate module is divided into several chapters:
• Introduction
• Tutorial
• Chapters that discuss specific discrete rate modeling concepts and techniques:
• Flow sources and properties
• Flow storage
• Flow movement: rates and constraints
• Routing flow directly and remotely
• Delaying flow using goals, hysteresis, and the Convey Flow block • Mixing flow and items
• Bias,animation,andothermiscellaneousconceptsandfeatures
• AdvancedtopicssuchasLPtechnology,upstreamsupplyanddownstreamdemand,and messaging in discrete rate models.
It is important that you complete the chapters in the main ExtendSim Tutorial module that starts on page 14 before you proceed to the Discrete Rate Tutorial. If you will use any item- based blocks in your discrete rate models, it is also suggested that you complete the Discrete Event Tutorial that starts on page 108.
Discrete Rate

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