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Tutorial for Discrete Rate Systems
A basic discrete rate model
When you are finished with this section, the model should look like:
First palletizing area
When you run this model, you should see an almost solid block of color on the plotter’s plot pane. This is caused by the plot line being repeatedly redrawn as the effective rate goes from a high of about 52 cartons per minute to 0 and back again. To see this, stretch the plot wider until you can see some white areas between the colored areas. These white areas occur when the effective rate is 0. In this model, pallets aren’t arriving quickly enough and the process is slowed from what it could be and frequently stops. One way to solve this would be to have two palletizing areas.
Add a second palletizing area
The easiest way to add a second palletizing area is to duplicate the blocks in the first palletizing area to another part of the model.
Select the 4 blocks in the palletizing area and give the Edit > Duplicate command. This cre- ates a second set of blocks.
Move the 4 blocks that comprise the second palletizing area below the first area. Label the new blocks Create 2, Queue 2, Interchange 2, and Exit 2.
Add a Diverge block to the right of the Change Unit 2 block:
Connect from the Change Unit 2 block to the Diverge.
Connect from the Diverge block’s top outflow connector to the inflow connector on the
Interchange 1 block
Connect from the Diverge’s second outflow connector to the inflow connector on the Interchange 2 block.
In the dialog of the Diverge, notice that by default the block is set to Diverge mode: priority of outputs and that a priority of 1 is assigned to the top Interchange block and a priority of 2 to the bottom Interchange block. Do not change these settings, since this is what you want.
Discrete Rate

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