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Tutorial for Discrete Rate Systems 345
Further exploration
The model should now look like:
Two palletizing areas
In this model, the top palletizing area has first priority for the cartons and the lower palletizing area only receives product if the top area is busy. Unlike the previous model, the plotter indi- cates that the effective rate of the process is hardly ever 0 cartons per minute.
☞ The final model, named Yogurt Production, and the models for all the intermediate steps, are located in the folder Examples\Tutorial\Discrete Rate.
Further exploration
Additional ways to enhance and explore this model include:
• Verify that the model is working as you expected by running it with animation on or by add- ing a Pause Sim block (Utilities library) to the model and pausing each step. (Animating a discrete rate model is described in “Animation” on page 442. The Pause Sim block is dis- cussed in “Blocks that control or monitor simulation runs” on page 603.) The final Yogurt Production model located at Examples\Tutorials\Discrete Rate is animated and includes a Pause Sim block so you can step through each event.
• AShiftblockcouldbeaddedtotheConveyFlowblock,stoppingtheprocessattheendof the day and causing the Convey Flow block to be emptied of product.
• The palletization areas could include the time it takes to unload a full pallet and load an empty pallet. Adding this type of changeover is shown in the “Yogurt Changeover model” on page 427.
• Thefillingprocessescouldbeenhancedbyaddingdelaysforthefilling,cleaningtheequip- ment and other maintenance.
• Insteadofassumingageneric“fruit”beingaddedtotheyogurt,useflowattributestorepre- sent different fruits. Flow attributes are discussed starting on page 353. The Yogurt Produc- tion with Flavors model is located at Examples\Tutorials\Discrete Rate. The Yogurt Production with Flavors Plus model goes a step further and uses flow attributes and the item/ flow attribute mapping capability of the Interchange block to preempt items, avoiding mixed pallets of flavored yogurt.
Discrete Rate

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