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Creating Flow
Blocks of interest
This chapter discusses creating and characterizing flow in a discrete rate model. It will cover: • Creating flow in the model
• Using indicators to monitor the level of flow • Working with flow attributes
Blocks of interest
The following blocks from the Rate library will be the main focus of this chapter.
Residence blocks for creating flow
Convey Flow
Delays the movement of flow from one point to another. Can have multiple segments, each with an initial contents of flow.
Represents a Tank that can interact with discrete event items. The block can have an initial contents of flow and can receive more flow while the simulation runs.
Acts as a source, intermediate storage, or final storage (sink). The block has a capac- ity and can provide an initial quantity of flow for the simulation.
Blocks for managing flow attributes
Displays the value of flow attributes. Allows you to select the type of information reported and which attribute you want displayed.
Allows you to assign attributes to the flow.
When flow is diverged, this block provides options for how the flow attributes are han- dled.
When flow is merged, this block provides options for how the flow attributes are han- dled.
Creating flow
Flow is what is stored in and moves through a discrete rate system. It can be almost anything: oils and chemicals, manufactured product, transactions, electricity, and so forth.
Discrete Rate

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