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Running a Model
Opening the Reservoir model
The first two chapters of this User Guide provide a tutorial that will help you learn the basics of working with ExtendSim models. This chapter covers:
• Opening a model
• Blocks,includingtheiricons,connectors,anddialogs
• Connections between blocks
• Running a model
• DisplayingsimulationresultsonaPlotter
• UsingtheNotebooktodisplaymodelinputsandoutputs • Modifyingmodels
The following chapter will show how to build the model seen in this chapter. To get the most out of the tutorial, we recommend that you follow along by performing the actions described.
The ExtendSim Tutorial uses a continuous model to illustrate how to run and build a model. Even if you will be building non-continuous (discrete event or discrete rate) models, it is important to complete this Tutorial because:
• Thetutorialsinthenon-continuousmodulesassumeyouhavecompletedthisTutorial. • Itiscommontousecontinuousblockswhenbuildingnon-continuousmodels.
Opening the Reservoir model
The tutorial uses the sample Reservoir model. This simple continuous model is useful for illus- trating concepts because it can be accessed and understood by all ExtendSim modelers.
To open the model,
Select File > Open.
Browse to \Extend- Sim9\Examples\Tutorials\
Select Reservoir 1 and click Open.
This model simulates a reser- voir being filled by two water sources—rainfall and an incoming stream. The purpose of the model is to see how much water accumulates in the reservoir over time.
Interface with Reservoir 1 model open

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