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Delaying Flow
Convey Flow block
Distribution of flow
If you select Run > Show 2D Animation before you run the simu- lation, the distribution of flow in the Convey Flow block will be displayed across the top of its icon, as shown on the right.
On the Convey Flow block’s Animation tab, selecting Show block's flow distribution in table during simulation causes a table to appear. As the simulation runs, the table displays infor- mation about the current distribution of the flow in each segment of its length:
Table showing example distribution of flow
Flow and accumulation point
☞ The length of a Convey Flow block is divided into segments, where the boundaries of each seg- ment are defined by a change in the density of flow. The table above indicates that this Convey Flow block currently has 8 segments along its length.
Accumulation point
If the block is set to be accumulating, any accumulation will start at its outflow and go toward its inflow. The point beyond which no more flow can accumulate is known as the accumula- tion point. This point will probably move between the inflow and the outflow as the simula- tion runs.
The Results tab reports information about the accumulated flow: the distance from the outflow where the accumulation point is located, the indicator, and the accumulated quantity of flow.
If the command Run > Show 2D Animation is checked while the model runs, and there is accu- mulation, a vertical red bar will move on the block’s icon during the simulation; this indicates the location of the accumulation point. The “Flow and accumulation point” screenshot above shows the red line of the accumulation point.
☞ The accumulation point is located somewhere along the length of a Convey Flow block that has been set to accumulate flow.
The Convey Flow block has a Sensors tab for specifying the locations and trigger points of sensors along the length of the conveyor. Each sensor reads and communicates the density of flow over time at a particular point on the conveyor. This information is displayed in a table in the block’s dialog and reported by the block’s S (sensor) output connectors – one S output for each sensor.
Discrete Rate

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