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ExtendSim features like the Notebook give you capabilities that go beyond the basics of build- ing and running models. A Notebook is a window you can customize to help organize and manage the data in a model.
You can use a Notebook as a “front-end” to the model - to control model parameters, report simulation results, and document your model. Each model has its own Notebook which can contain plots, text, pictures, drawing items, and cloned duplicates of dialog and plotter items.
Select Window > Notebook or click the Open Notebook button in the toolbar.
The Notebook for the Reservoir model opens. As you can see, the important parameters and
tables you saw in the dialogs of the Reservoir model have been placed in its Notebook.
Run the simulation again. Note that the results shown on the Plotter and the results shown in the Notebook are the same (the results will change slightly from one simulation run to the next because the Stream source uses a random distribution).
Reservoir 1 model with Notebook containing clones of dialog items from the Lookup Table, Random Number, and Plotter I/O blocks.
Notebooks are easy to create and are especially useful for documenting models and to view the impact of inputs on results. For more information, see “Notebooks” on page 586.
Making changes to the model
So far, you have run the simulation and viewed the Notebook without changing any of the assumptions that were supplied when the model was created. One of ExtendSim’s strongest features is the ability to change assumptions on the fly and see the results instantly. Since the Plotter remembers the previous four plots, you can easily compare the results after you change assumptions.
Running a Model 19

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