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438 Miscellaneous
Global and advanced options in the Executive
☞ A Valve’s complete status information is helpful during the early stages of model construction and for debugging purposes. However, it can slow the simulation, so by default the option is not checked.
The differentiations are animated on the Valve’s icon as discussed in “Valve” on page 443.
Manage flow units for discrete rate models
This section of the Discrete Rate tab provides a central location where flow units can be renamed or added to or deleted from a model. To delete or rename a flow unit, select it in the table and click the appropriate button. Flow units are discussed on page 363.
Advanced options
The advanced options in the Discrete Rate tab only apply to specific situations:
• MergeorDivergeblocks in the Distributional, Pri- ority, or Sensing modes
• Merge blocks in Propor- tional mode when there is an empty loop
☞ Merge and Diverge modes are discussed in the chapter “Merging, Diverging, and Routing Flow”.
Merge or Diverge blocks in Distributional, Priority, or Sensing modes
Advanced options in Executive
This first set of options determines how bias order is set for certain Merge and Diverge blocks and whether the bias order is displayed on the block’s icon.
Bias order determination
For a Merge and Diverge block in the Distributional, Priority, or Sensing mode, the choices are that the block’s bias order number is defined by:
• SimulationOrder.Thisisthedefault;itcausesthebiasordertobeautomaticallycalculated by the simulation order of the blocks in the model.
• Each block. This option allows the user to customize the bias order of each Merge and Diverge block (Distributional, Priority, or Sensing mode only) in the model.
For detailed information about the requirement for a bias order and how it is set, see “Merge and Diverge blocks” on page 434.
Displaying the bias order
For Merge and Diverge blocks in the Distributional, Priority, or Sensing mode, a popup menu provides choices for displaying their bias order:
• Show bias order on icon
• Don’t show bias order on icon
Discrete Rate

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