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Miscellaneous 439
Global and advanced options in the Executive
• Each block decides whether to show bias order on icon
If the bias order is displayed on a block’s icon, it will be in the format <#>, where # is the bias order number. If the third option is chosen, a checkbox will appear in each Merge or Diverge block’s Model Settings tab. Check the Show bias order on icon checkbox if you want the block to show the bias order number on its icon.
Merge blocks in Proportional mode
For Merge blocks in Proportional mode, a conflict can result if the block is part of an empty loop (can’t get flow). If a Merge block’s proportions are 1:2 for instance, what should happen if the top inflow branch is part of an empty loop and cannot get any flow from that loop?
The Executive provides three options for how empty loop situations should be resolved:
• Branchesneedsimultaneousinflowstopushflow. With this default setting, flow is stopped at all inflow branches if one or more of them are part of an empty loop.
Executive options for empty loops
• Blockspushfloweveninemptyloops.Thischoiceallowsthebrancheswithflowtosendit through. The result is that the branch that is part of the empty loop will then get some flow.
• Eachblockdefineshowitwillpushflow.Thissettingcausesanadditionalpopupmenuto appear in the Model Settings tab of any Merge block in Proportional mode. The two choices in each Merge’s dialog are:
• The block pushes flow even in empty loops. This is the default setting; it allows branches with flow to send it through.
Model Settings tab of Merge block
• Eachbranchneedssimultaneousinflowstopushflow.Withthischoice,flowis stopped at all inflow branches if one or more of them cannot get any flow.
Which of the three empty loop options you choose depends on the behavior of the system you are simulating.
Merge Proportion Setting model
In this model the two flow streams have identical settings except for how the Merge blocks handle empty loops. So that each block can specify its own behavior, the Executive’s setting for the section “Merge blocks (Proportional mode and empty loop)” is Each block defines how it will push flow.
Discrete Rate

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